Caltech is a very collaborative and interactive place, and my students and postdocs participate in a wide variety of research groups/centers. I tend to work closely with a small group of students/postdocs and collaborate with many others as part of RSRG, Netlab, and DOLCIT. My group also participates actively in CSIS, CMI, IST, the Resnick Institute, and CAST. For information on joining the lab as an undergraduate, graduate, or postdoc, see here.


  • Guannan Qu (co-advised with Steven Low), will join CMU as an Asst. Prof
  • Yuanyuan Shi (co-advised with Anima Anandkumar), will join UCSD as an Asst. Prof

Graduate Students


I have been lucky to work (and play) with a lot of amazing students and postdocs over the years!

  • Sachin Adlakha, co-Founder NMLStream (co-advised with Mani Chandy)
  • Navid Azizan-Ruhi, Prof. at MIT (co-advised with Babak Hassibi)
  • Siddharth Barman, Prof Indian Institute of Science (co-advised with Katrina Ligett)
  • Eilyan Bitar, Prof Cornell University (co-advised with Steven Low)
  • Elizabeth Bodine-Baron, Rand (co-advised with Babak Hassibi)
  • Subhonmesh Bose, Prof UIUC (co-advised with Babak Hassibi & Steven Low)
  • Desmond Cai, IBM
  • Niangjun Chen, Prof. SUTD
  • Rachel Cummings, Prof. Columbia
  • Krishnamurthy Dvijotham, DeepMind (co-advised with Steven Low)
  • Hu Fu, Prof. Univ. of British Columbia (co-advised with Federico Echenique)
  • Ragavendran Gopolakrishnan, Prof. Queens University
  • Minghong Lin, Facebook
  • Zhenhua Liu, Prof. Stony Brook (co-advised with Steven Low)
  • Palma London, Postdoc at Cornell University
  • Hongyao Ma, Prof. at Columbia University
  • Jason Marden, Prof. UC Santa Barbara
  • Enrique Mallada, Prof. Johns Hopkins (co-advised with Steven Low)
  • Riley Murray, Postdoc at UC Berkeley (co-advised with Venkat Chandrasekaran)
  • Jayakrishanan Nair, Prof IIT Bombay (co-advised with Steven Low)
  • John Pang, Schlumberger
  • Xiaoqi Ren, Google
  • Yu Su, McKinsey
  • Shai Vardi, Prof. Purdue University
  • Yujian Xu, Prof. Chinese University of Hong Kong (co-advised with Katrina Ligett)
  • Juba Ziani, Prof. Georgia Tech (co-advised with Katrina Ligett)
  • Alessandro Zocca, Prof. VU Amsterdam (co-advised with Steven Low)

The number of undergraduate researchers I’ve worked with over the years (during the year and in summer programs) are too many to list, but I’m very proud to have a growing number of undergraduate researchers that have now become faculty, including*

  • Arjun Chandrasekhar, Teaching Prof. U. Pittsburgh
  • Sherwin Doroudi, Prof. U. of Minnesota
  • Shayan Doroudi, Prof. UC Irvine
  • Christina Lee, Prof. Cornell University

*If you’re not on this list and should be let me know! It’s hard to keep track…



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